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SurgeX Pursues World Power

Launches line designed for worldwide power systems

Power protection equipment manufacturer SurgeX International has introduced a new line of power conditioners and surge protectors, the SX1200 family.

The range offers several regional variants including United Kingdom (13 A), Europe (16 A), China/Australia (10 A) and South Africa (15 A). The regionalized variants also use region-specific plug styles (different than traditional U.S. NEMA style).

All of the models share SurgeX’s Advanced Series Mode and Impedance Tolerant EMI/RFI filtering. Some models (RLi and RTi) have SurgeX’s Inrush Current Elimination (ICE) and Catastrophic Over/Under-Voltage Shutdown (COUVS) technologies.

All models also have 10 plugs, eight switchable and two permanently on.

The RLi models offer plugs for Littlites. The RTi models offer remote turn-on capabilities.