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Surround Studio Monitoring From Studio Technologies

It will show its all-digital loudspeaker monitor control systems

Studio Technologies will introduce StudioComm 76DB/77B Surround Monitoring Systems, optimized for broadcast.

“This loudspeaker monitor control system is especially well suited for the growing number of broadcast master control rooms with digital-input loudspeakers,” it stated. “By eliminating the need for an add-on analog-to-digital converter, the all-digital StudioComm 76DB/77B Surround Monitoring System maintains the fidelity of the 5.1 digital signals from the source to loudspeaker and ensures that broadcasters derive the full benefit of their investment in digital, both in loudspeakers and routing infrastructure.”

The system, comprising a control console connected to a rack-mounted central controller, provides two 5.1 surround inputs, three stereo inputs, pre-fade and post-fade 5.1 surround outputs. Features include flexible source selection, Dolby E dialnorm support and a two-channel auxiliary output for applications such as monitoring site-event cue signals.

The Model 77B Control Console, typically located near the user, provides control over monitoring functions. The rack-mounted Model 76DB Central Controller handles the digital signal I/O and performs source selection, downmix, channel solo, level adjustment, reference level and dim.

Up to four control consoles, including the Model 71 Compact Control Console, can interface with a single Model 76DB Central Controller.

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