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Symetrix Ships New Processor

Multiprocessor for AirTools line is networkable

Symetrix is shipping a new processor, the 2m, as part of its AirTools line of broadcast equipment.

The 2m features an eight-band parametric EQ, four-band multiband compressor/limiter, programmable filters, programmable crossover, clipper, downward expander, de-esser, AGC, alignment delay, phase rotator, M-S encoder/decoder and stereo image enhancer.

The networkable 2m is controllable via the front panel and Ethernet. A computer-based wizard and GUI offer the most options. Select third-party hardware controllers offer hardware-based control.

The 2m allows for 50 presets and by using an event controller the presets can be grouped or scheduled for automatic engagement.

Digital, analog (XLR), Ethernet, word clock and RS-485 connectors are available on the rear along with another Ethernet remote connector on the front.

Symetrix Director for Sales and Marketing Paul Roberts said suitable applications include AM/FM/TV program audio, satellite uplink and ingest, headphone air chain simulation, Internet streaming, alternative language programming, live performance ‘mastering,’ microwave links and telco/VoIP feeds and returns.