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Talk, Talk, Talk From Telos

VoIP-based talk show system debuts

It was just a matter of time before IP phone technology’s tentacles latched onto radio phone systems.

The Telos VX, making its official debut at the NAB Show, is an IP-based phone compatible with SIP and RTP protocols. It can handle up to 80 phone lines. Telos previewed the product at last year’s convention.

The devices and applications integrate with Axia’s Livewire network. A VX Engine in the machine can be accessed by multiple Axia IP audio consoles throughout a facility or a remote network.

It is built around a VX Engine, a 2 RU rackmounted box containing Telos Adaptive Digital Hybrids. The Engine contains AGC, noise gating, hum filter, Telos Digital Dynamic EQ, an adaptive three-band spectral processor, echo canceller and a frequency shifter. Up to 20 studios can be fed by a VX Engine. The VX can handle POTS, ISDN and T1/E1-based phone inputs.

Two other pieces make up the VX system, VX Director and VX Producer.

The VX Director is a customized hardware telephone handset that interfaces with the VX system. VX Director screens calls, holds calls, allows for information about callers and can map the call lines to the console.

VX Producer is, roughly, a software version of the Director that is installed on a computers computer linked to the Axia IP network. Both the Director and the Producer can handle up to 12 calls at a time.