TargetSpot Launches Analytics

New response tracking system tries to put hard numbers to internet radio ads
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Putting definition to famously fuzzy Internet audience numbers is the aim of a new technology being used by TargetSpot, an Internet radio ad broker.

TargetSpot Analytics is designed to measure destination Web site traffic while a campaign is running and afterwards. Using "cookies," TargetSpot Analytics can trace whether a visitor to an advertiser's Web site (or a designated Web site such as a contest site) heard a particular advertisement. The resulting information can be compiled and reported in a number of ways.

TargetSpot Analytics also supports third-party performance tracking service providers such as DoubleClick.

Eyal Goldwerger, TargetSpot CEO, said: "TargetSpot Analytics was designed to deliver greater accuracy, measurement and accountability to Internet radio advertisements."


Digigram Launches ES Variant

Dubbed ES-100/spkr, the solution provides manufacturers with a cost-effective way of implementing EtherSound control and management functionalities in new devices that do not require comprehensive ES-100 or ES-Giga systems.