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Tech Bulletin: New PSD Implementation

The information is meant to coincide with a station's adoption of iTunes Tagging.

Best practices to help HD Radio stations set up their dynamic or station Program Service Data are the subject of a recent technical bulletin from iBiquity Digital Corp.

The information is meant to coincide with a station’s adoption of iTunes Tagging.

The guidelines pertain to both AM and FM stations; iBiquity says they enhance the tagging experience for consumers by eliminating so-called “false” tags.

Details from the tech bulletin:

  1. Whenever possible, actual Song Title and Artist should be displayed in the appropriate PSD fields. The technology developer calls this Dynamic PSD use.
  2. If Dynamic PSD is not available, the station should populate only the Song Title field with a short station slogan or other message. In this condition, PSD Artist field should not be populated. This will help avoid a possible bad consumer experience with tagging features, states the company in the guidelines. The Title field has a maximum of 124 characters/specs.
  3. If Dynamic PSD is used and a station wants to intersperse slogans, ads or other text in the PSD fields, the added text should be sent for less than 10 seconds at a time, and should not be repeated before resending the dynamic PSD Title and Artist information.
  4. These guidelines apply to multicast channels as well as to main program service.

More Tagging information is at and previous tech bulletins are at