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Tech Note for Optelator Owners

Pecore offers guidance to avoid problem on battery in older units

Perhaps a victim of their own success, the Optelator and its predecessor the Optilator are often ignored in regular maintenance schedules. So much so that John Pecore, the man behind Optelator maker Stormin Protection, recently issued a warning notice concerning older units.

According to Pecore, the Optelator’s hardwired internal battery may begin to fail or leak after several years. Regular maintenance can prevent this. Units that fail could require a complete circuit board replacement.

Pecore said service is suggested for any Optelator or the earlier Optilator over three years of age and for any unserviced unit built before 2005. Pecore recommends submitting the unit in winter when the likelihood of damaging electrical activity is much less.

He said: “The Optelator needs to receive the same respect for maintenance as any other piece of equipment.”