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Tech Note for V-Soft Program Users

Server upgrades require update to certain programs

Users of some V-Soft Communications programs will be required to download updates that are compatible with a new server system that the company has adopted that provides up-to-date FCC and Canadian station data and program updates and enhancements.

The servers are more secure, better performing and more reliable, the company says. “The updates only require replacement of the ‘executables,’ not a full reinstallation,” President Doug Vernier told RW.

Programs affected include FM Commander, SearchFM, RFHaz, PlotPath and FCCCURVE. Check with V-Soft for a complete list. V-Soft personnel are available to answer questions.

Users of AM-Pro 2, Probe 4, Conductivity, Pattern Workshop and Terrain 3-D can skip this process. “This is because these programs automatically get their assigned download site URL from our Internet Web site, which now has the new server URL built in,” Vernier said.