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Telos Calls Up a New Phone System

Smaller version of Nx12 is available

Broadcast equipment manufacturer Telos Systems has announced the availability of the Nx6, a smaller version of the existing Nx12.

The Nx6 is contained within a 2 RU box. It will support up to six analog (POTS) or digital phone lines. Each onboard hybrid has an adjustable Omnia Audio Smart AGC and a noise gate. The Nx6 also uses Telos Digital Dynamic EQ. Also onboard is echo-cancelling and pitch-shifting DSP to improve call performance.

The Nx6 works with current Telos phone equipment hardware such as the Desktop Director and software such as the Assistant Producer. It is remotely controllable via IP and the Web.

Telos estimates that a turnkey package of one Nx6, a Desktop Director controller and Assistant Producer software will retail for $3,995.