Telos Introduces Mixer Version of Z/IP Codec

Avoids 'clip-on' mixers or need for upgrades.
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(click thumbnail)Telos is offering the Z/IP Mixer, a portable Zephyr/IP codec with mixer built in.

Aimed at the remote broadcast user, it adds a four-channel stereo mixer, Omnia processing and a road case to the Z/IP codec, which allows users to do low-delay remotes where cell or WiFi service is available. The manufacturer promotes the Z/IP's ability to deliver reliable audio under varying network conditions.

Features of this new version include digital stereo mixer with four mic/line switchable inputs; selectable Omnia AGC/limiter processing presets; two local headphone mixes to monitor send and/or receive audio; and 24-bit A/D and D/A converters.

The system works directly with high-speed mobile phone data networks via an EVDO USB modem and offers a range of transmission bit rates, from 18 kbps to 256 kbps.

It supports UMTS and certain other wireless devices; it is compatible with Telos Zephyr Xstream (in Ethernet mode) and supports SIP, G.711, G.722, MPEG Layer 2.

A comparison sheet of the respective models is here.

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