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Telos Now Shipping Omnia.11 With G-Force Processing Engine

Any Omnia.11 purchased in 2016 is eligible for free G-Force license
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Omnia Audio parent the Telos Alliance announced that its Omnia.11 audio processors are now shipping standard with the company’s G-Force processing engine. Also, the company plans to offer any Omnia.11 systems purchased in 2016 a free G-Force license within 60 days as a downloadable field upgrade.

It says the G-Force processing engine features a new graphic user interface and new dynamics processing framework that enables Omnia.11 to set the overall EQ for signature consistency.

Additional features include adaptive attack, release and ratio values; a Makeup Threshold for gain management; AGC sections that synchronize with program material; Multiband Limiters; and a new bass-management system that allows for adjustment via a single knob.

G-Force was designed by Telos Alliance CEO/Omnia Founder Frank Foti and Senior Algorithm Developer Cornelius Gould.


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