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Telos Ships New POTS Hybrids

DSP coding promises to tame out-of-control cell calls

The new POTS phone hybrids from Telos Systems are shipping.

The Hx1 is a single-line system, retailing for $795, while the Hx2 is dual-line at $1,295. They were shown at the recent NAB Show.

The manufacturer markets them to broadcasters who use analog call-in lines, as an inexpensive, immediate way to improve caller audio. Telos promises “the most advanced Telos digital signal processing ever.” Omnia Audio sweetening manages AGC and EQ.

New DSP coding can “help them tame even the most out-of-control cell phone calls, smoothing dynamic swings and enhancing intelligibility.”

Features include auto-answer capabilities, new caller-disconnect detection, audio-leveling and anti-feedback routines that make the best of open speaker studio applications, call screening and line-hold features and front-panel meters for send and receive audio levels.

A choice of standard analog or optional AES/EBU I/O is available.