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Teracom Exhibits ‘Plug and Transmit’ QuickSite FM System

Teracom Exhibits ‘Plug and Transmit’ QuickSite FM System

Setting up a local radio station is a matter of “plug and transmit” with a new QuickSite model, according to Teracom Components.
Teracom says the system gives smaller stations an easy way to get started or provide extended coverage area.
“The new QuickSite FM Radio is a compact, fully equipped station containing FM transmitter, antenna system and all other components needed to begin broadcasting simply by plugging the unit into a standard power outlet,” it states.
The QuickSite platform is intended for applications including FM, DAB, DVB-T, DVB-H, analog TV, UMTS and broadband Internet. “Customers need simply specify desired media, frequency and signal strength.”
The FM radio station comes with a 100-watt transmitter producing 270 watts of ERP and a two-dipole, vertically polarized antenna system featuring omni-directional propagation with preferred direction. Other transmitters, antennas and options are available, including a Yagi-Uda antenna for receiving feed signals and allowing the unit to be used as a transposer.
“QuickSite can be fed by virtually any source, and can be connected to existing antenna systems as an alternative to the integrated system.”
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