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The Audio-Pods Are Here Already!

DM Engineering offers solution for spots where you need mic/headphone stations.

The Audio-Pod is not a mind-consuming threat but rather a multipurpose box designed for use where a portable and independent headphone or mic and headphone station is needed.

The headphone section features a gain control along with front-panel 1/8- and 1/4-inch jacks. The rear has a headphone impedance control (8–400 ohms), a phase switch, a maximum gain switch, 1/8-inch jack and Euro-style screw terminals.

The preamplifier is an option. Large LED-lit buttons control the microphone-on/off and cough.

If more than a single Audio-Pod is needed, up to four can be run from a single power supply. Several mounting options are available.

It is made by DM Engineering, based in California. The firm also offers silence sensors, alerting devices, phone flashers, optical sensors and other studio devices.

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