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The Digital Millennium Is 10 Years Old

Or at least the law of that name is, and Public Knowledge takes note.

The DMCA — the Digital Millennium Copyright Act — is 10 years old.

Advocacy organization Public Knowledge is noting the anniversary with a series of posts on its policy blog, as well as video interviews.

The organization said it wants to highlight “the DMCA’s restrictions and limitations.”

In the first post, Public Knowledge attorney Rashmi Rangnath writes that early opponents had warned that the legislation would jeopardize fair use and other lawful uses. “Today, many of these fears have been realized. What is more, the DMCA has been used in ways lawmakers never intended. However, the law’s effectiveness in preventing ‘piracy’ still remains questionable.”

Public Knowledge calls itself a public interest group “working to defend citizens’ rights in the emerging digital culture.” Former FCC Chairman Reed Hundt is among its advisors.