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The Spinning Wheel for Broadcasting

Flywheel DC power systems are for mission-critical applications; maintain power while a UPS or generator come online.

What goes up need not go down, at least with proper power protection.

This might sound a bit like retro science fiction but it’s real. A large spinning flywheel used for emergency power is what Vycon is offering broadcasters with its VDC and VDC-XE Direct Connect DC power systems.

The technology actually is simple. A large steel flywheel slowly spins up when power is on. The flywheel is part of a generator. When the power fails the flywheel slowly spins down as it turns the generator, generating power. Vycon says its technologies and materials minimize friction and maximize electricity production efficiency.

This system is designed to maintain power while a UPS kicks in or another generator, probably gas powered, turns on and begins to supply power.

The system can produce up 220 kW (VDC) and 300 kW (VDC-XE) and run for up to 30 seconds. It can work in tandem with traditional battery-powered UPSes and multiple flywheel systems can be run in parallel for operations demanding greater requirements.

The company called it a solution for mission-critical operations that need reliable, green energy storage.