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This Yeti Is Not Abominable

Blue microphone first to receive THX certification

The Yeti is a new USB microphone from Blue Microphones. But that is not the selling point. The selling point is that the Yeti is the first “THX Certified” microphone.

Blue Microphones CEO John Maier said, “We are honored to be recognized as their first partner for audio input.” THX is historically known for vetting audio playback environments and devices, not input devices or creation products.

Servicing the USB digital output is an onboard 16-bit/48 kHz A/D converter.

A bit unusual is a three-capsule configuration using 14 mm capsules to generate four patterns: omni, cardioid, stereo and figure 8.

Controls on the body of the microphone include a gain control, headphone volume control and mute for the mic output.

The Yeti comes with its own customized base (though the mic also has a standard threaded mic stand mount on its bottom). As a USB mic it is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7 along with Mac OS X.

Retail price: $149.99.