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Tieline Demos QOS Performance Engine Technology for G3

Solution provides reliable managed audio over such networks.

(click thumbnail)Tieline Technology is demonstrating its new QOS Performance Engine Technology over IP for its G3 range of audio codecs. It says QOS provides greater connection stability, with less delay, for live remote broadcasts over IP networks.

The Internet and 3G wireless networks are lossy packet-switched networks in which a percentage of data packets sent never arrive, according to the company. “It’s not unreasonable to expect that between 1 and 3 percent of packets sent will be lost at different times over open Internet IP connections,” said Neil Morrish, Tieline’s research and development manager. “Over 3G networks, this figure is likely to increase at times to between 3 and 10 percent of packets sent.”

Broadcasters are unable to buy QOS (Quality of Service) for wireless 3G networks, and it is often impractical to buy QOS for a single remote broadcast over the Internet, so the QOS Performance Engine Technology solution provides reliable managed audio over such networks, says Tieline.

“Our new IP QOS Performance Engine automatically manages the IP connection,” said International Marketing Manager Darren Levy. “It dynamically adjusts settings in the codec to allow for varying packet arrival times as well as providing multi-strategy Forward Error Correction (FEC) analysis, which replaces lost or corrupted packets in a data stream.”

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