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Tieline Expands Bridge-IT Line

More algorithms and dual PSUs added

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Tieline has new codec for the Bridge-IT IP codec line,

Bridge-IT XTRA


According to Tieline, Bridge-IT XTRA has everything in the original Bridge-IT and more. New is a different footprint — a full single rack unit box instead of the half-rack along with dual PSUs. In addition XTRA has a number of algorithms that were optional with Bridge-IT. A whole AAC suite has been added (HE-AAC, HE-AAC v2, LC-AAC, LD-AAC, ELD-AAC) plus 16/24-bit Enhanced aptX. It also adds an 8 kHz G.711 algorithm.

The Bridge-IT XTRA can address up to six other units in multicast mode. It can be remotely controlled via the Web and has Tieline’s SmartStream technology. Besides multicasting it can function as an STL or remote codec.