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Tieline Expands Report-IT Live

New Enterprise version is aimed at network control

Codec maker Tieline has a new version of its Report-IT Live iPhone codec app available, the Enterprise Edition.

No, Trekkies, it isn’t a Star Trek-branded app (so you can save your Original Series vs. TNG/Kirk vs. Picard debates for another day). The Enterprise Edition acts more like a corporate licensed version of the Report-IT. It offers a simplified tool set and expanded network IT control.

Features include additional security and network access controls, address and configuration preprogramming and cloning ability, remote operation and control from a centralized server.

Tieline International Marketing Manager Darren Levy said the company had received requests “from large networks to simplify access to Report-IT Live for reporters, provide better security over their IP networks and allow the studio to configure all connection settings.”

The original version of the product won a Radio World “Cool Stuff” Award, at which time the enterprise version was said to be forthcoming.