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Tieline Genie Adds WheatNet-IP

Codec is at home in a WheatNet-IP environment

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It doesn’t come in a dingy oil lantern or decorated long-necked bottle, and it most-certainly can’t grant the user three wishes, but Tieline’s Genie Distribution does have one trick up its sleeve, WheatNet-IP.

The codec maker has announced that the Genie Distribution with WheatNet-IP is now available. Adding WheatNet-IP allows for the unit to be installed into a WheatNet environment and interface on the IP network with other compatible equipment.

Tieline VP Sales Americas John Lackness said, “The codec is capable of distributing three stereo channels or six mono channels of WheatNet-IP audio via a purpose-built rear panel and the Tieline WheatNet IP audio card.” He added that the units, “can now integrate securely and efficiently with the WheatNet-IP Environment to provide a seamless IP distribution solution.”

Additional Genie Distribution features include two additional Ethernet ports that allow the codec to simultaneously distribute up to 50 stereo multi-unicast IP streams over external IP networks like the internet, or connect up to six channels point-to-point.