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Tieline Gets Handy

Dynamic mic adapter for Apple iPhone

Tieline Technology, best known for its codecs, is here at the NAB Show with a handy peripheral to make audio newsgathering easier.

The Mic Adapter allows for a handheld dynamic microphone to be connected with an Apple iPhone.

Of course it isn’t quite that simple; the Mic Adapter requires the iPhone to be seated into a holder, while the mic is connected via a standard XLR mic cable.

Tieline’s Report-IT iPhone codec application works with the Mic Adapter. Other features include two 1/8-inch headphone outputs, for host and a guest. It can operate on batteries or USB bus.

A notable benefit of this gizmo is that the news talent can hold something more professional-looking under the president’s nose than a smartphone, like a microphone with the station’s mic flag.

Tieline has also announced that its Bridge-IT and soon-to-be-released Genie IP codecs will support both IPv4 Internet addressing and IPv6 Internet addressing simultaneously.