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Tieline Launches SmartStream Plus

New features available in the Report-IT Live Pro smartphone app

Now available with the Report-IT Live Pro smartphone app v3.4.2 is Tieline’s SmartStream Plus technology. The newly launched suite of features helps with dual redundant streaming, adjustable automatic jitter buffering and forward error correction.

The SmartStream Plus is designed to allow users to stream through a phone’s cellular LTE connection and simultaneously stream over commonly available Wi-Fi access points, or over a Mi-Fi device. SmartStream Plus can also be employed when connecting to Tieline’s Merlin and Merlin Plus IP codecs, which both support SmartStream Plus dual streaming technology.

The new technology’s auto jitter buffering feature responds dynamically to variable network conditions over unmanaged IP networks to ensure reliable streaming. Five auto jitter presets are now available with the SmartStream Plus. Forward error correction, meanwhile, transmits a secondary stream of audio packets over a single connection, enabling users to substitute in the case audio stream packets are loss or corrupted.

SmartStream Plus is available as an update for Report-IT Live Pro users. Auto jitter buffering and forward error correction are available for Report-IT Lite and Report-IT Live users as well. Tieline expects to launch these features in the Report-IT Enterprise app in early 2017.