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Tieline Puts G5 in the Rack

STL and facility distribution are among its target applications

Codec maker Tieline Technology is here at the NAB Show with the G5 codec. Building upon the G3 line, this is a rackmounted IP codec aimed STL and facility distribution duties.

It will handle popular algorithms … G.711, G.722, the MPEGs, etc.

The G5 has also been engineered to handle lower-bandwidth jobs and promises 22 kHz at 100 kbps as well as high data jobs such as those found in HD Radio applications. HE-AAC and AAC-LC are options.

The G5 is compatible with Tieline’s Traversal Server for communicating with other codecs on a network. For its STL duties it also offers a silence detector and network failover alternatives. The G5 is SIP-compliant so it should play nicely with other SIP codecs.

Options include six-input/six output card, a redundant power supply and onboard flash memory.

Darren Levy of Tieline Technology said, “G5 codecs provide extremely flexible connections over wired and wireless LANs, WANs, the Internet, satellite IP, Wi-Max and Wi-Fi. They can also connect over wireless G3 and G4 networks, as well as POTS, ISDN and satellite ISDN networks.”

He added: “G5 leverages off the reliability of the G3 codec range with the inclusion of Tieline’s QoS Performance Engine technology for reliably managing connections over lossy IP networks like the Internet.”

As we told you back in Sneak Peek week 1, Tieline also is touting a stereo IP codec, suitable for main or backup studio-to-transmitter links, audio distribution and simple remote broadcast links, called the Bridge-IT.

Booth: N8123