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Tieline Releases SmartStream Plus Software

IP link redundant streaming for audio integrity

Tieline Technology has released its SmartStream Plus software, enabling the Genie and Merlin range of IP audio codecs to stream simultaneous data streams from dual Ethernet ports and deliver redundancy over Internet protocol.

“SmartStream Plus software is capable of sending rock solid audio over inexpensive unmanaged IP networks like the Internet for STLs, audio distribution and remotes, instead of using expensive synchronous leased lines,” said Charlie Gawley, vice president of sales for the Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa regions.

According to the company, codecs using this software send simultaneous redundant data streams from dual Ethernet ports and deliver seamless redundancy by switching back and forth from the primary data link to the backup without audio loss.

When multiple redundant audio streams are sent, the decoding codec automatically reconstructs audio into a single stream to ensure integrity; using links from two different IP network providers ensures optimal redundancy.

Gawley explained that the IP link redundancy is present at both physical and network levels because telcos often will not provide synchronous links at new transmitter sites. He also added IP links produce cost efficiencies compared to synchronous leased lines.

SmartStream Plus is available as standard in Tieline Genie STL, Genie Distribution, Merlin and Merlin Plus codecs in version 2.04.xx firmware.