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Product in Pictures: Tieline ViA Simplifies Remotes

Lets reporters stream live audio, play pre-recorded files and record live audio at remote locations

Tieline’s ViA portable codec supports IP, POTS, ISDN, data aggregation (Fuse-IP bonding) and redundant IP streaming (SmartStream PLUS).

The company says it has integrated “market-leading” record and playback functionality into the codec, so operators can do away with outboard gear and stream live audio, play pre-recorded files and record live audio at any remote location.

In addition, specifies Tieline, ViA features flexible touch screen record and playback functions that allow users to select input sources to record; view and manage recordings; create playlists of local recordings and imported files; control playback routing to specified codec encoders, as well as analog and digital outputs; and produce and record broadcast quality podcasts to removable media.

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Users can connect and stream audio using dual LAN Ethernet ports, or two USB cellular modems, use an optional internal LTE module, or connect with built-in Wi-Fi. By inserting an optional POTS or ISDN module, the codec can also connect over alternative network transports. It is thus possible to configure primary and backup connections over different network transports as required, or use them as one’s IFB circuit.