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Tieline Will Show New IP Codec

Bridge-IT IP is called a solution for low-cost, point-to-point IP audio links

Tieline Technology will tell NAB attendees about a new stereo IP codec, suitable for main or backup studio-to-transmitter links, audio distribution and simple remote broadcast links.

The company’s Darren Levy said the Bridge-IT IP codec is “the perfect solution for low-cost, point-to-point IP audio links. Bridge-IT will deliver studio-quality audio over a variety of IP data networks such as wired and wireless WANs, LANs, the Internet, satellite IP, WiMax and Wi-Fi.”

The user can tailor the codec to suit requirements; it can be purchased in encode- or decode-only versions, or both.

Bridge-IT has an SD card slot for failover playback of prerecorded audio. Its menus can be programmed using front-panel hardware that includes a keypad and LCD display, or via a Web interface. It is designed for desktop use, or two units can be installed side-by-side in a 1RU mounting bracket.

Bridge-IT includes QoS Performance Engine technology for managing lossy IP network connections. It is SIP-compatible and will connect to major brands of codecs including the Tieline G3 range.

Tieline also is implementing a Traversal server solution for simple negotiation of firewalls, automatic address book population of other codecs in a network (codec buddy list) and one-touch dialing.

Bridge-IT comes with a range of algorithms plus optional AAC LC and AAC HE. Standard algorithms include 16-bit 22 kHz linear audio at less than 12 ms encode delay, G.711 G.722, MPEG Layer 2 and Tieline Music. The Tieline MusicPlus algorithm also provides 22 kHz mono, dual mono and stereo with 20 ms encode delay at under 100 kbps, which the company says offers savings on IP data bills.

Simultaneous analog and digital AES/EBU audio outputs are provided on XLR connectors and it includes a 1/4-inch stereo headphone output.

The Bridge-IT codec and Traversal server solution are to ship in the third quarter.

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