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Tool Lets Your Video Follow Audio

Vox from Broadcast Pix brings unattended video to stations

Broadcast Pix, a maker of live video equipment, has developed Vox, an automated video control system for unattended video production within the company’s Granite, Mica or Slate video production systems. The company says suitable applications include video production for radio station content streams.

Vox uses a 1 RU processor/input box with eight mic inputs along with audio detection software to choose cameras. The camera controller can operate Sony and Panasonic robotic cameras.

Thresholds can be programmed with Broadcast Pix’s Fluent Macros to ignore coughs, “ums” and other spurious noises; set compositions such as PiPs; choose camera actions such as zoom; make graphics choices; decide shot sequences and establish host mic priorities. Control of the macros can be local or done via smartphone apps.

Voxes can be cascaded up to 104 microphones.