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TuneKast Takes Off

Platform is intended to help stations monetize content on mobile devices

AirKast, a mobile media applications provider, has announced the availability of its TuneKast mobile media system.

TuneKast consists of a player and a playout system for radio stations. The player is available for Apple iPhones, with BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Google Android support planned.

The TuneKast system streams audio; it also allows radio stations to insert additional media such as ads, song data/information, video and interactive features.

An alliance with Ando Media is responsible for several of the features and the ability to provide metrics on user behavior.

AirKast CEO Larry Leung stated that the offering gives radio groups the ability to generate additional revenues “by provisioning, managing and monitoring their advertisers’ messages in the form of audio injection, mobile display ads and pre-roll gateways videos in conjunction with their live mobile broadcast.”

Paul Krasinski, executive vice president/general manager of Ando Media, said in the announcement that he sees “tremendous new revenue opportunities in mobile radio stations with the TuneKast system. Radio stations can now quickly and efficiently schedule, measure and monitor both their in-stream audio and mobile advertising through a single management console. This simplifies and accelerates the ability for radio stations to grow new ad revenues in mobile.”