Updates Available for Lawo’s Jade and Edit

D’accord database integration added to Edit v. 5.2.2
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Lawo has updated both its Jade and its Edit software with releases now available.

Jade v.1.0.2 adds features, including ASIO direct monitoring support. This enables low-latency monitoring connections for ASIO devices, centrally managed in Jade environments. It also adds up to four independent WDM driver instances, enabling separated audio input and output connections for applications that rely on Windows audio driver interfaces.

A limited access mode also permits hiding the access to the configuration for failsafe end-user operation, says the company. The VST plugin host is also included with Jade Pro; this applies also to existing licenses once they have been updated.

The 5.2.2 Edit release allows integration into d’accord database environments. This includes bidirectional exchange of audio files and projects, powerful metadata and marker handling and one-click software launch from d’accord user interfaces for Lawo’s audio editing software.