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Using the High Ground

Chief provides ceiling equipment installation boxes

It doesn’t come up often, but there might be a time when you need to install equipment such as a projector in the ceiling.

For such missions, AV installation equipment provider Chief rides to the rescue with two plenum-rated ceiling boxes for equipment installation in high places.

The CMS491 (rectangular 1-foot x 2-foot half-tile) and CMS492 (square 2-foot x 2-foot full-tile) (shown) are said to hold up to 100 pounds total weight. They are available in half-ceiling tile and full-tile sizes. The boxes ship with installation hardware. A detachable power plate allows for wiring before final installation.

Passive cooling events remove heat but a fan option is in the works. There are installation customization options available such as a column.

Chief says, “Installer feedback led Chief engineers to design a better storage box to remove the need for frustrating swing down doors that can get in the way during installation and servicing. The boxes include an industry-first drop-down feature that lowers the entire frame enough to slide the tile out of the way.”