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Using the Nagra Seven for Broadcast

Features stereo recording up to 192 kHz in 16 or 24 bits and assortment of optional accessories

ROMANEL, Switzerland — The broadcast version of the popular Nagra Seven two-channel digital recorder offers stereo recording up to 192 kHz in 16 or 24 bits, but also has an assortment of optional accessories in software and hardware, adapting the machine to various reporting situations, the company says.

In hardware, these include an ISDN internal codec for digital phone communications, and a Wi-Fi/3G (or 4G) board allowing communication via a Wi-Fi network but also over the GSM service.

In software, options for recording audio in MPEG compression and a VoIP system allows transmission over the Internet, either through the Ethernet port or through one of the TX modules (Wi-Fi/3G). In addition an internal audio editor allows preparation of EDLs and audio files using the touchscreen. Transmission over IP is possible as FTP or live streaming using the SIP communication protocol.

Other broadcast-related features include programmable audio filters, and a user-adjustable audio limiter and automatic level control system. The Seven is able to import audio files from other devices from its removable SD card slot. It records to an internal solid-state memory so there are no moving parts, making the Nagra Seven more robust and reliable, the company says.

For information, contact Nagra/Audio Technology Switzerland at +41-21-643-2140 or visit

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