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V-Soft Lets Users Explore C4 Implications

FMCommander update released during C4 comment period

V-Soft Communications is not prone to letting the grass grow and a change to FMCommander is the most recent evidence of this attitude.

The Federal Communications Commission issued a Notice of Inquiry on June 5 to explore the possibility of creating an intermediate Class C4 for FM broadcast stations in Zone II. The NOI has been greeted with many comments in favor of a new C4 class; the comment period ends next week and reply comments are due within 60 days of publication.

This week, the RF engineering and propagation analysis software company announced an update to its FMCommander program that will make FM Class C4 advocates happy. FMCommander users can now select the “class minimum separations.”

In a press release, V-Soft President Doug Vernier explained, “We believe that the early modification of our program to handle the new C4 Class will make it easier for users to examine the implications and new possibilities that this class offers.”

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