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Version 4.2 for iMediaTouch

OMT Technologies radio automation suite adds social networking

The iMediaTouch radio automation suite from OMT Technologies is available in version 4.2. IMediaTouch is a Windows-based suite and the new version supports both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7.

Riding the latest wave. the version also adds opportunities for placing links to social media websites within the OnAir and Voice Tracking modules. OnAir also now has an auto-ducking for liner EOM adjust. The iMediaImport module now allows for Internet-delivered content.

OMT also announced new features for its group-oriented iMediaArchive.

According to a release: “IMediaTouchArchive users can now access audio content from within the iMediaArchive library screen and insert the files right into the MediaTouch OnAir log. Users can also create, edit, delete and save play lists within iMediaArchive and then insert those play lists to any position in the iMediaTouch OnAir log.”