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Vorsis Starts Preset Download Web Site

A source for user-generated and addional factory presets for their processors

So ya got one those fancy Wheatstone Vorsis processors and you’ve played around with it, checked out all the “factory presets,” maybe even twiddled a few knobs and created some of your own. What next?

Maybe you’d like to see what other Vorsis users have cooked up. Professional users just like you. Maybe one of them has that “perfect” setting to make your station stand out on the dial.

The kind folks at Wheatstone are ahead of you. They’ve set up a series of Web pages with user-generated and new “factory” presets for the AP2000, VP-8, FM-10HD, FM2000, HD-P3 and M-1.

Available for many of the processors are new settings aimed at Latin music, dance music, country music, jazz and even talk radio. Other presets imitate the “classic” sounds of stations from the past such as WNBC and WABC. And some are just for fun — unless that “fun” sound is just what you were looking for.