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VSM User Group Holds Meeting at Danmarks Radio

L-S-B Broadcasting Technologies gets user feedback

Scandinavian users of L-S-B Broadcast Technologies GmbH’s Virtual Studio Manager met for an exchange of information for the first time.

Initiated by Daniel Van Kranendonk and Peter Thomsen of Danmon, the L-S-B sales partners in Scandinavia, the meeting included both VSM users and representatives from L-S-B. The meeting was held in April at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The aim of the meeting, which the group says will be held regularly, is to exchange information. For German producer L-S-B, that means collecting user feedback.

“The feedback and suggestions from product users are very important aspects of the success of VSM to date. And, for the future development of the tool, information from customers is of vital significance,” said L-S-B’s Michael Jones.

L-S-B has completed several projects in Scandinavia that utilized VSM as controller software, including one at DR Byen in Copenhagen.