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V-Soft Debuts FCC’s TVStudy for Windows

Now possible to run original TVStudy program on a Windows computer

Linux and Mac systems have been able to run the FCC’s TVStudy program for a while, but V-Soft Communications has come out with what it believes is the first implementation of the TVStudy software for Windows. Using the FCC’s OET 69 methodology, TVStudy on Windows can calculate interference that may be caused by a TV station to other TV stations, land mobile and cell phone carriers.

To enable the original TVStudy program to run on Windows computers, V-Soft has simplified the download and install process. The company is providing the program and its data on a flash drive and the software needed to install TVStudy on to the user���s computer. Detailed instructions on how to install the MySQL database engine required to run the program are also provided.

The commission is currently using the TVStudy program to work with the TV band, but until now has been previously unavailable for Windows computers. V-Soft reports moving forward the TVStudy program will be only program used by the FCC when new channels have been announced at the end of the current auction process.

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