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V-Soft to Release XField Package

Sneak Peek: Package addresses translator relocation, IBOC interference calculations

Test, measurement and analysis software developer V-Soft Communications has a few new tools for broadcast engineers planning to attend the NAB Show.

Called XField, the package includes tools for relocating FM translators in the second- or third-adjacent protected contours of other stations, and for calculating IBOC interference.

According to V-Soft, the translator application is suitable for LPFMs and their approach to new FCC rules on second and third adjacents. The program uses the translator’s vertical elevation and azimuth pattern to illustrate where the mandated 40 dB U/D (undesired/desired) signal ratio is.

V-Soft warns: “In many cases where the proposed translator has a rather low antenna, without consideration of the vertical elevation field at a given angle from the antenna, it is very possible to exceed the 40 dB U to D ratio.”

The IBOC interference calculator will, according to V-Soft, “calculate the self-interference caused to a hybrid IBOC station when its antenna is not the same antenna used by the hosting station.”

V-Soft’s President Doug Vernier said: “This program will make any engineer’s translator and LPFM protection work a breeze compared to all the manual calculations previously required. Also, the program’s ability to predict and graph the locations of IBOC host interference will be extremely helpful as station migrate to –10 dBc IBOC levels.”

Read more about the details of this new offering here (PDF).

NAB Show Booth: C3034

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