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WaveArt Debuts Integrated FM Transmitter Line

Provides efficiency, reliability and extended warranty, says company

WaveArt, a spin-off of the established TV transmitter manufacturer ABE Elettronica, unveiled the Wave series of air-cooled transmitters from 600 W to 3,000 W output power.

Featuring a complete set of input interfaces, an MPX/RDS encoder and audio processor, the compact Wave has a built-in satellite receiver with CAM interface as option, while the SD card reader automatically acts as a back-up source should the studio feed become unavailable. Hot-swappable PSUs can be accessed and replaced from the front panel.

According to the firm, AC to RF efficiency reaches 75 percent, thanks to a proprietary algorithm managing the RF stages in order to automatically optimize key parameters necessary to achieve maximum efficiency at any output power.

WaveArt explains that its transmitters can collect and process several parameters to evaluate the operating conditions at a site, allowing for predictive analysis of potential future failures. Based on the collected data, the unit recommends proper operation to extend the system’s life span and, in case the user takes appropriate actions according to the unit’s recommendations, the company extends the equipment’s warranty up to five years free of charge.