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Waves’ Abbey Road Chambers Plug-in Debuts

New Plug-In emulates echo chambers used at Abbey Road on classic tracks

Though it might not have a lot of application for most radio stations, Waves Audio’s Abbey Road Chambers software plug-in seems like it might be fun to have in the DAW toolbox, just in case.

The Abbey Road Chambers plug-in emulates the sonics of the famed recording facility’s echo chamber, which has been used for decades to create reverbs, delays and other spatial effects on countless recordings by the Beatles and others.

Developed together with Abbey Road Studios, Waves’ Abbey Road Chambers offers control of three rooms — the famed British studio’s Studio Two echo chamber and its Mirror Room, and additionally the Stone Room from Olympic Studios, also in London.

The emulation of the Studio Two echo chamber includes detailed variables like the original valve Neumann KM53 microphones and Altec 605 speaker, as used on almost every pop recording done at Abbey Road during the ‘60s.

Also featured is a recreation of Abbey Road Studios’ original S.T.E.E.D. (Send. Tape. Echo. Echo. Delay.) setup — a system designed to extend the chamber’s natural sonic palette into new territories, by splitting the signal and creating a feedback loop from the studio’s REDD desk, through a dedicated tape delay, via the RS106 and RS127 filters and then to the chamber and back.

Abbey Road Chambers provides an additional set of the original filters going into the chamber — EMI’s RS106 hi/low pass filter and the EMI RS127 Presence EQ.

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