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Waves Adds More Retro

Hybrid Line plug-ins include H-Comp and H-Delay

Adding to its collection of digital audio processing plug-ins that model analog processing equipment of a bygone era, Waves has introduced the Hybrid Line.

According to Waves, the “new series of plug-ins blends the best of yesterday’s sounds with today’s technology.”

Available so far are the H-Comp and H-Delay. The H-Comp is a compressor with a GUI looking like it would be more at home at Capitol Records and the mid-1960s. Main controls are ratio, threshold and mix along with the expected attack and release knobs.

The H-Delay has delay, feedback and modulation depth and modulation rate controls along with low-pass and high-pass filters. A dry/wet control keeps things interesting. Ping-pong and phase switches are included. Delay up to 3500 ms is available. The GUI has the same scheme as the H-Comp.

Both plug-ins are available as native or TDM.