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WDR Deploys Ferncast aixtream

Software is used to provision streams and DVB multiplexes

From our Who’s Buying What page: German regional public broadcaster WDR has implemented aixtream software from Ferncast to process its internet streaming and DVB multiplexing on the same system.

WDR offers radio programs in various formats across the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. “In 2020 they decided to overhaul their provisioning of web streams and DVB multiplexes for all their programs by implementing aixtream software developed by Ferncast,” the supplier write in a press release.

The broadcaster finished the implementation in September. “Since then, they have been handling their internet streaming and DVB multiplexing workflow with aixtream servers,” Ferncast said.

“They are now streaming 36 different programs with aixtream software, including: 1LIVE, WDR2, WDR3, WDR4, WDR5, WDR COSMO, Die Maus, WDR Event, WDR Vera. All their programs are available in multiple formats and quality levels. In total, each program is streamed in at least five formats and qualities. HLS streams are available in three quality levels (using adaptive bitrate to adjust to the listener’s circumstances), while Icecast streams are available in at least two quality levels.”

Aixtrea is scalable software, running as a server or VM installation.