What Don’t You Know About IBOC?

Geoff Mendenhall moderates convention session on digital power increase; NPR will take part.
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At the NAB Radio Show, technical experts will discuss the impact of an FM IBOC elevated power proposal recently submitted by radio broadcasters to the FCC.

Geoffrey Mendenhall, vice president of transmission research & technology at Harris Broadcast Systems, will moderate the discussion featuring executives from Continental Electronics, Broadcast Electronics, Nautel, Greater Media and NPR.

The “High-Power IBOC Technical Panel” starts at 8 a.m. on Friday, Sept. 19.

The proposal would allow FM broadcasters to increase power voluntarily in the digital portion of their IBOC signals by up to 10 dB; the goals are to increase digital coverage area and improve reception by portable HD Radio receivers soon to be on the market. NAB said attendees will learn how to design facilities to operate at these higher power levels, and the panel will examine issues surrounding the upgrade of existing facilities.

Participants include Ibiquity Digital Broadcast Technology Manager Jeff Detweiler; Continental Electronics VP of Engineering Dan Dickey; Broadcast Electronics HD Radio Products Manager Ted Lantz; Nautel Eastern U.S. Regional Sales Engineer and Manager Gary Liebisch; Greater Media VP of Engineering Milford Smith; and NPR VP/CTO Mike Starling, also executive director of NPR Labs.


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