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What Is That Noise?

Hollywood Edge ships two new sound packages

The morning zoo show producers will be all over two new sound effects packages from Hollywood Edge.

The Edge Edition III is a large six-CD or one-DVD package with a variety of “interesting” sounds. Cars, machinery, household objects, weather, electronics, business, construction are some of the categories.

Sound designer Kamen Atanasov said of his production, “I find that old houses have lots of hidden sound treasures in their corners, basements and attics. I love all their creaky and squeaky objects … We went to extraordinary lengths to discover and catch interesting, unique and dynamic sounds for The Edge Edition III.”

Alien Machine shop brands itself as “Sounds no one has ever heard from places no one has ever been.” Creator Bob Hart explained, “The idea was to create things that didn’t exist.” It’s less a package of distinct, defined sounds than a collection (480 cuts) of discordant, eerie, tension-inducing, distorted, jarring and mysterious cuts. Price is $495.