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Wheatstone Adds to AirAura Processor Line

X1 aims at mid-range budgets

More news from the NAB Show is Wheatstone’s addition to its AirAura processor line.

The AirAura X1 is aimed at mid-range budgets. A Wheatstone release says that the processor use “the advanced algorithms found in Wheatstone’s top-of-the-line AirAura X3 for turning up the volume without causing listener fatigue, yet comes with a user interface that doesn’t require a power user to operate.”

Senior Product Development Engineer for Wheatstone’s Vorsis audio processing line Jeff Keith said, “We designed in all the incredible power tools that made the AirAura X3 a popular choice in the top markets, and then equipped the X1 with newly designed PC and front panel user interfaces. This presents audio controls to the user in a clear and intuitive way that is perfect for mid- to small-market broadcasters”

The X1 is equipped with a “distortion-managed” final clipper, five-band AGC, 31-band limiter, stereo enhancer, multipath controller, Vorsis Bass Tools, group of factory processing presets and Wheatstone Baseband192 for direct digital input.