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Wheatstone Delivers VoxPro 6

New features include Gap-Buster

Wheatstone is releasing its first whole number version of the VoxPro digital audio workstation since the acquisition of the company last year.

VoxPro 6 has new features focusing on editing including Gap-Buster for quickly eliminating long gaps in material such as interviews and phone calls. It can also simultaneous record audio while also editing or playing back audio.

It also offers support for Hot Key and markers in multiple languages along with adding color-coding for the markers. The GUI also offers additional minimizing capabilities to “reduce on-screen clutter.” Not surprisingly, integration with WheatNet is enhanced.

VoxPro Lead Engineer Rick Bidlack said, “We’ve combined all the intuitive capability that VoxPro is known for with several new features, then we Wheaty-ized it to turn it into an even more powerful tool in the broadcast studio.”

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