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Wheatstone Gives CrossTalk a Positive Vibe

Shows new intercom system; also adds SideBoard console control surface

Wheatstone told NAB attendees about two new products, both of which integrate with its Wheatstone WheatNet-IP system.

CrossTalk, shown, is something new for Wheatstone: a series of monitoring and communications stations for radio broadcast facilities. It is aimed at news operations and applications where two-way communication with talent and production staff is needed locally and at remote sites. It’s suitable as a TOC monitoring station, with the ability to talk down remote feeds for pre-air setup.

In addition to WheatNet-IP, CrossTalk integrates with Bridge TDM networking systems.

Also new is SideBoard, a console control surface with input fader strips that can access any source in the network, with dial-up and talkback on every fader. An additional four-bank fader module can be added for a complete eight-fader mixer. Two output buses — PGM and AUX — allow for simultaneous audio-to-air and cue/mix-minus. Eight programmable pushbuttons can be used for quick monitor select or to trigger virtually any system operation.