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Wheatstone Introduces Multiplex Power Wizard

Processing tool designed for FM-55 audio processor and SG-192 stereo generator

Wheatstone has thrown a new tool into the mix for its FM-55 audio processor and SG-192 stereo generator units, the Multiplex Power Wizard. This new feature reduces or eliminates the undesirable audio effects that can result from the restriction of multiplex power to minimize adjacent channel interface.

Wheatstone says it is specifically targeting this product for European broadcasters and other regions where short-spaced FM frequencies reduce the average RF sideband energy through restrictive MPX power control. The Multiplex Power Wizard is designed to keep MPX power up at the legal limit of the European ITU-R BS.412-7 modulation standard, but without artifacts such as gain swelling or gain pumping.

The Multiplex Power Wizard uses a program-dependent prediction, detection and measurement algorithm that can adapt the MPX power controller’s behavior to incoming program content. The feature’s location in the signal path allows it to be aware of audio power increases generated by all prior processing.

Wheatstone has made the Multiplex Power Wizard a standard feature for the FM-55 and SG-192 running version 1.2.19 or higher.