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Wheatstone Offers VP GUI-Lite Remote Applet

VP-8 processor also receives upgrade

Wheatstone’s Vorsis division has been busy as of late. Perhaps overshadowed by the recent news of the launching of the AirAura processor, the VP-8 processor has received a promotion to “Plus” size.

The VP-8 Plus gets a bump up in processing features aimed at “audio consistency, clarity, overall loudness and lower distortion,” according to the announcement.

The VP-8 Plus has six processing modes: FM, AM, FM-HD, AM-HD, AAC (<48 kHz) and AAC (>48 kHz), four AGCs and eight peak limiters.

The VP-8 Plus also ships with Wheatstone’s new VP GUI-Lite, a Windows-based remote control applet. As a “lite” applet it offers the basic and most important controls for the VP-8 Plus, including AGC depth, compression, density and loudness. VP GUI-Lite will also control the FM-4 processor.