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Wheatstone Puts Focus on Audio, IP

WheatNet-IP Live and other products were part of IBC booth display

Wheatstone set up shop on the exhibit floor for IBC2017 in Amsterdam and it brought with it a number of its products, showcasing its audio and IP developments.

New among Wheatstone’s units is the second-generation FM-55 audio processor, the FM-55e.

The new multi-band audio processor has all the same features of the FM-55 for FM processing, but adds enhanced iAGC controls and a new bass processing design. It supports the WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network and comes with two analog composite outputs, two SCA inputs, balance analog left/right outputs and an AES digital output. An updated version of the VoxPro audio recorder/editor for live radio was also on hand.

Featuring its new v7 software, the VoxPro features a new ClipCleaner toolset with separate display, parametric EQ, de-esser, compressor, expander, limiter and noise gate for processing channels independently or jointly. FX Macros and a QuickSearch box are also included.

Wheatstone also had another audio processor at the show, its AirAura X4. This FM and HD audio processor features different stages of processing created to complement each other and share information between all stages. The processor features 31-band limiting and a redesigned bass processor.

In addition, the PR&E DMX console line that works as a standalone studio system with console surface and IP audio networking was on display. The DMX console with AoIP is Wheatstone’s first PR&E product since the company acquired Pacific Research & Engineering in February.

Finally, Wheatstone featured its WheatNet-IP audio network for live remote productions. The network is an AES67-compatible IP audio network made up of I/O BLADEs for ingesting audio, controlling microphones and other studio devices, and transporting real-time audio over IP.